Innovative Fast Bites – Honoring our fast-casual segment and the restaurant that constantly brings innovation to the table.

Arizona Craft Retail Food Product – Hats off to the tried and true recipes that we want to have available at home.

Signature Dish – Honors the restaurant that quite simply does it best.


Innovative Restaurant Concept – Recognizes a restaurateur or restaurant group who demonstrates that they don’t follow trends; they define them, setting the bar in restaurant operations and the overall customer dining experience.

Fantastic Food Truck – Recognizes outstanding achievement in mobile nourishment, operations and community development.

Emerging Restaurant of the Year – Honors promising up-and-comers that demonstrate exemplary talent, showcase innovation and have already distinguished themselves as pacesetters in food, beverage and service.

Top Arizona Caterer – An Arizona grown catering team that provides quality dining experience at any location and exemplary service.

Outstanding Local Restaurant Group – Honors a culinary concept with more than 3 locations, demonstrating exceptional achievement and commitment to excellence in marketing, menu design and customer service.

Uniquely Arizona – Home to some of the oldest documented food traditions, Arizona has a rich culinary past steeped in tradition. We are searching statewide for the restaurants that embrace not only the local food but are staples of the state.


First-Class Beverage Program – Recognizing a bar or restaurant that keeps their beverage menu edgy yet approachable embracing all things beverage – cocktails, spirits, wine and beer.

Perfect Cocktail– Raising a glass to the best cocktail made in Arizona. This beverage is an exceptional cocktail that is without a doubt delicious, garnished to perfection while pushing the limits with flavors.

Favorite Arizona Winery – Toasting the top Arizona Winery.

Top Arizona Brewery – Raising a glass to the best Arizona brewery.

Classic Arizona Coffee Roaster – Honoring Arizona grown coffee that is taking the state, and maybe even the country by storm.


Best of the Best Food Writer – This award recognizes a writer, blogger, food critic who dedicates time, passion and energy to capturing the beauty of our industry with the written word in any form.

Phenomenal Food Instagrammer – Honoring the best Instagrammer who has captured the hearts of its visitors with outstanding Instagram food photography.

Good Neighbor – Recognizes the outstanding community leadership and exceptional devotion to making a difference in our neighborhoods and community at large.

Employee of the Year– Recognizes the front or back of house employee (non-managerial) that has set the gold standard for exemplary customer service and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Manager of the Year – Recognizes the manager that has set the gold standard for exemplary customer service and leadership as well as enhancing the overall dining experience.

Top Chef – Pays tribute to outstanding culinary excellence, breaking new ground with an innovative menu while enhancing the dining experience.

Top Mixologist – Honoring an individual who is behind the bar, constantly raising the bar and setting trends in the beverage scene.

Food Pioneer – Honors a lifetime of outstanding culinary excellence that continues to educate, inspire, entertain and foster a deeper understanding of the culinary culture in Arizona.